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Non-fiction style selections are provided as a supplement to many of our fictional selections. They include vocabulary guides, multiple choice assessments, and either an anticipation reaction guide or discussion questions.


Controlling Your Temper

We’ve all been tempted to lose our tempers. Learn how to overcome this destructive habit and make better choices.



Q & A with Michelle Stimpson

Each year, thousands of students read the stories posted at Here’s your chance to peek into the mind of the person behind most of the drama!



Goal-Setting Activity

As teachers prepare to say good-bye to their students, this fun yet thought-provoking set of activities will encourage your students to develop vision for their lives and define steps to take in order to achieve those goals. End the year with long-reaching impact!


Too Old for Help

Most kids look forward to their eighteenth birthday, but for teens in the foster care system, becoming a legal adult often means being alone. This non-fiction article explores the dilemma facing those who age out of foster care before finishing high school. 




Bridging the Text Divide

Texting has become a very popular form of communication, particularly for the younger sector of society. Some feel that texting has had a negative effect on students' spelling habits as well as intergenerational communication. This article discusses the causes and possible effects of issues related to text messaging, and seeks to address one of the major gaps in miscommunication.



Reality TV: Benefit or Detriment?

Many people believe reality shows are simply entertainment, but others think that reality shows are a waste of good television time. Read two opposing articles and decide whether reality television is a benefit or a distraction.


What They Know Now
This brief article includes advice from recent high school graduates about the "real world" students have been warned about since kindergarten. Take heed!
recognizing signs Recognizing the Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship
Find out if you're headed down the wrong road by assessing your relationship.

Confessions of a Black Butterfly

It was the 1970s, a time of great change in America. And in one kindergarten class, an African-American little girl is placed in the advanced "butterfly" reading group. Will this be an honor or a curse? Explore race and educational labeling through this reflective essay.

Anti-Hazing Policy

Read a statement on hazing in this simulated college student code of conduct.

Fiction Connection: "The Lock-In"

Baby Moses Law

Explore the pros and cons of safe haven laws, which give a mother the right to safely relinquish custody of an infant to the state without question or consequence.

Fiction  Connection: "Accused"

Look Ahead

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  10 years?  15 years?  If you’ve never asked yourself these questions, maybe you should.  
Fiction Connection: "Ready for a Change", "Yesterday's Future Came Today"

No Second Chances

Meet people who learned the hard way: pranks, jokes, and ignorance are not laughing matters.

Fiction Connection: "It Happened on a Friday"

Sexual Assault

Teens are especially susceptible to sexual assault.  Learn how to reduce the risk of sexual assault, and find out how to get help for victims.

Fiction Connection: "A Night to Remember"

Top Five Strategies

Heed advice from a test-making expert on how to increase chances of success on assessments.

Fiction Connection: "Testing Terrance", "A Second Opinion"

To the Barrio and Back

Read a review of To the Barrio and Back, a book written by Romelia Gonzales. Ms. Gonzales is a successful entrepreneur who turned her bi-lingual background into a thriving business.

Fiction Connection: "Everything to Live For"

The Truth about Marijuana

Dispel some of the most common myths about this often underestimated drug. 

Fiction Connection: "Broken Promises"

Two Sides of the System

Undoubtedly, our nation’s foster care system saves thousands of children each year from abuse and neglect. But like every other widespread organization, there are problems.