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"I actually had kids from my reading class emailing me over this summer, asking where they could get more of your stories to read." - West Palm Beach, FL


Audio Testimonial, AR

"For the first time, my most easily distracted students are reading. Thank you for providing a forum for me to draw my students into debate, writing, and critical thinking." 

- Sacramento, CA


“When we read your stories, I have NO behavior problems.  Every single kid wants to 

know what happens at the end!”               Dallas, TX


“My students wanted to take it home and finish reading on their own.”  

Bronx, NY


"You have made my struggling readers WANT to read.  For that, I am truly thankful." McGeHee, AR

 Audio Testimonial, Grand Prairie, TX

"Your writing hits EXACTLY where my students are coming from." 

Hershey, PA


“My students LOVE these stories.” 

Frankfort, KY


"There's a special place for you in heaven."

Los Angeles, CA

“Every testimonial you have on your website is 

absolutely true.” Keller, TX

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