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Longer Stories

Longer stories include text, vocabulary guide, reading guide, discussion questions, writing prompts, multiple choice assessment, preview videos, and unabridged audio (except where noted).

The Definition of Friendship

Emma knew from the moment she met her best friend's boyfriend that he was trouble, but Roxy can't see the problem with Scott. He's older, he's handsome, and he has a good job. So what if he likes to party? But when Scott's partying jeopardized Emma's well-being, the friendship with Roxy is tested...with sad results. This story, by British author Dorota Nocun, rings with timeless, borderless truth. 



Behind Closed Doors

Nicole isn’t trying to be disrespectful to her mother, but Nicole can’t continue to live beneath the burden of her mother’s severe hoarding. How can she overcome the ever-growing monster in her own home?


First and Last Wish

Daniel has only seen his father, Levi, twice in twenty years. That's because Levi has been in prison all of Daniel's life. But now, Levi is about to be released. Will Daniel open his stable life--and his apartment--to a father he barely knows?


Part I - Guadalupe Garza thought everything would be normal after she had the baby. But when her boyfriend and her friends turn their backs on Guadalupe, she's faced with the hard reality of being a single teen mom. How much more pressure can Guadalupe take before she snaps?
Part II - After leaving her baby with her parents, Guadalupe Garza is on the streets of downtown Dallas trying to survive. Guadalupe meets a mysterious man who turns out to be a ruthless hustler. She must decide whether to stay and make "quick money" or leave--if she can.
*NEW* Part III - Guadalupe finishes high school and tries to pull her life together. When the source of the baby's health issues is finally discovered, Robert tries to re-enter her life and become a "family." Will his influence bring Guadalupe back down? And one more incident involving her past will finally bring closure to a dark chapter in Guadalupe's life.
DifferentWorldCover A Different World
Samayia's life changes drastically when her custodial grandmother dies and her shady Uncle Lavon takes over the house. When Uncle Lavon goes to jail, Samayia is left to fend for herself. What will her future hold?



Someone gave birth to a baby in the teachers’ restroom. Now the entire school is on lockdown as one student is falsely accused and the real mother hopes to escape notice amidst the chaos.

Between Friends

After a night of drinking with friends, Mika, a senior, faces the consequences as she finds out that she is pregnant by Raphael. His reaction leads Mika to believe that the best thing to do is terminate the pregnancy. Later, Raphael apologizes, but is he too late?

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Jamal can't wait to break up with his possessive girlfriend, Jackie, so he can enjoy the rest of his senior year in peace. But Jackie has no intention of letting Jamal go.

Broken Promises

Rachel’s boring social life gets a boost when she meets Isaac, but he soon leads her into a world that Rachel never dreamed she would enter.

The Diary of Theresa White

Theresa thought she was the lucky one when she fell in love with Michael. Then she realized - she'd be lucky to get out of the relationship alive!

Everything to Live For (Parts I & II)

Michelle is trying to hide her HIV-positive status from people in the small town of Murphy. But when a popular girl’s boyfriend befriends Michelle, trouble follows.


A Family Problem (Parts I & II)

John is trying his best to keep his sisters safe from a stranger. The biggest danger, however, is their father, whose drunken rages threaten to tear their family apart.

Good Gangsters (*Audio not available)

The white kids at school are tired of being picked on by minority groups. They unite for "protection" but end up imitating their adversaries.

A Hard Lesson

When Donna can't live with her mother's strict new rules, she goes to live with her grandmother and becomes the hostess of the neighborhood skip parties. But the parties will come to a tragic end on Donna's 16th birthday.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me, Too

The "new boy" has a crush on Bria Hopkins, which causes Bria's ex-boyfriend, Devon, to suddenly become re-interested in her. Bria is forced to choose between the two boys, but one of them doesn't take the news well.

It Happened on a Friday

Jacob Caldon is a fun-loving, popular jock. But he will soon discover that one inappropriate touch in the hallway may cost him everything.


The Lock-In

Justin and Monica did it two years ago, and everyone thought it was funny. But no one will be laughing after Taylor and Ashley enter this “harmless” competition at the JROTC lock-in.


A Night to Remember

Kasey and Lydia have been friends since elementary school, but their friendship is tested when a handsome, dangerous guy turns them against each other.


Ready for a Change

Kadarius Johnson can’t wait to turn 18 so he can drop out of school. His first obstacle, however, is to squash the beef with J.T. before someone gets hurt.


Testing Terrance

If Terrance does not pass the state’s standardized test, he will not graduate with his class. When his beautiful tutor snubs him, Terrance’s considers cheating on the high-stakes exam.


Yesterday's Future Came Today

Cameron was looking forward to graduation, but after the ceremony, he realizes he had no plans for the rest of his life. When his friends leave town to start their dream careers, Cameron's drama begins.

Zero (*Audio not available)
Angelica and David are off to a great start, but his involvement with a gang will end more than their friendship.

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