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Shorter Stories

Shorter stories include text, vocabulary guide, reading guide, multiple choice assessment, and unabridged audio.





R.I.P. Friendship

Katelyn and Milan have been friends for years, and they've always helped each other improve when it came to basketball. But when one of them doesn't make the team, their friendship begins to fall apart thanks to gossip. Will they ever be friends again? **Please see note regarding teacher's guide.**




Three Minutes

Because her mother married a man with two kids, Rachel isn’t living the care-free teenage life anymore. Now, she’s the live-in babysitter who can’t even play sports because she has to stay home with her step-sisters. But in three minutes, Rachel will discover what matters most. **Please see note regarding teacher's guide.**





A boy who has had a crush on a girl for several years wonders if he can finally bring himself to express his feelings. What will happen when he finally gets the nerve?




Two Sides to Every Story

There are two sides to every story. Read both accounts of a crazy romance gone wrong.




Excerpt from Boaz Brown

When LaShondra is forced to tutor a boy from church, she learns a valuable life lesson.


Day doesn't want any trouble, but apparently Justin and his friends do. When the vice principal offers little help, Day wonders if his martial arts training will finally come in handy. This fiction/non-fiction-style hybrid release will give students a chance to explore a short story, plus think critically about media commentary.


A disfiguring condition left Steven’s face in a horrible state. All he wants is to be left alone. But when a group of students makes fun of him, Steven strikes back and has no regrets about his decision.


"Lessons from the Blackout" and "The Partner"
In "Lessons from the Blackout", the narrator recalls the joys and the a painful reality of growing up poor. The narrator in "The Partner" has to decide if he will stay and run his parents' small-town store after finishing college. In these two short, paired passages, will provide an opportunity to connect comprehension across texts.

Kim's mother's boyfriend, Joe, looked like trouble from the start. Can Kim protect herself and her little sister from Joe's advances?
Note: This story addresses the sensitive topic of molestation.

The Delgados' Last Supper

Marco Delgado's parents have always argued constantly, but he was accustomed to their bickering. So why are his parents trying to make a huge change this late in the game?

A Second Opinion

Whoever heard of an Asian kid who couldn't pass the state high school achievement test? Well, Crystal La isn't exactly Asian, and she didn't exactly fail the exam. So why is she enrolled in Achievement Improvement class?


Dylan's Fault

Everyone blames Dylan for his ex-girlfriend's suicide, but they don't know the whole truth about Megan.

The Lesson

The narrator learns a life lesson through an experience at her grandmother’s corner store.

My Brother's Debt

Most people think money will solve all their problems. For the second-year NBA player DeShawn Mobley, money only made things worse.

The Price of Freedom

Nicholas never thought twice about saying the Pledge of Allegiance. His father's return from the war, however, changed everything.

The Untitled Story 

DeMarcus Polk recalls life without his mother, who left seven years ago to pursue her Hollywood dreams.

Victim of Circumstance

One bad driving day in life of an unlucky teen lands him with a record that will follow him for life. Who's the real victim here?